Friday, August 29


yo peeps! its Friday again! woohoooooo... [wats so happy about it anyway?]
anyway, had breakfast near my office this morning ...
*this is ChinChin coffee shop @Purvis St [SG]

*had egg with fried beehoon ...

*shops around the area , lots of interior designing shops around
this is one of it Cappellini

* there's a big pot in front of the shop...
* with fishes inside, so cute

Thursday, August 28


what's for lunch today ??
*shrooms n asparagus omelete with dragon fruit (6.<)

and blogging of cos!


Well, good morning to all & myself ...
Its been pouring cats & dogs here ...YES peeps I m in Singapore (^^,)
On my way to work the radio was playing - A Lovely day ....
Clearly, its wasn't lovely at all right ...

Ok, I've had my coffee and cookies...
Time to sign in for work now...
Till my next update ....

...Happy Monkey signing off

Saturday, August 23

903 iD

For those who like Canto/chinese radio station, I strongly recommen- HK 903 station 商業電台

i have been listening to it all day almost everyday & night.
i m doing more work with my fingers n eyes than my mouth n ears ...
so i get the chance to tune into HK commercial radio more often now

i realise Eason was on almost eveyr morning now ...
he's releasing an album soon!!!
cant wait for it!!!!

[p/s: Really must log on & tune in every Mon- Fri 12n -1pm,... teaching u how to speak proper English ... I'm sure uwill LYHO wo! ]

W.H.O I.S ...

Pajita Tam與Madalana Lam??

I really like this session on 903 radio station ...
just a brief intro on 903

its a HK Commercial Radio Station, those who likes canto pop should know this station ;)

here is one of my fav program:-

12:30-13:00 Pajita Tam與Madalana Lam~Caution!!!

精華遊花園 星期一至五 12:00 - 13:00


Log on to for radio for forum

Thursday, August 21

WeLCoM3 OnBoarD ...

* nice colourful balloons, the others wanted to steal it from me hehe
Look how the ppl in the company welcome the newbie - ME~
So sweet and nice ...

...Happy Monkey signing off

Monday, August 18


Well, I know its been a loooooong time since my last update...
My apologies esp to those who is reading this as an update from me

Finally got a new job...
Its a good start...
Its away from home but nearer to my love ...
At least I m happy
That's all for now...
will update with more photos and write ups about work and places I have been to
few new hangout places to show it to you guys

yours truly,
happy monk3y

Tuesday, August 12


I m back in Penang , for ...

#1 - see my dad n bro
#2 - i missed lucas!
#2 - meet my frens ... trying my best to see all of them but...
#3 - touch up my brow
#4 - haircut
#5 - eat eat eat & eat ...
#6 - pack up for new destination ...
#7 - get some local delicacies

Sunday, August 10


PLEASURE is nothing if not shared with someone

Friday, August 1


for the 1st time, i took a close up shot of KLCC


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