Monday, March 30

Another year older ... smarter? prettier? fatter? LOL

Its the time of the year again! All girl gather for this special occasion ( its like almost once in every month ...) to celebrate, eat, drink, get drunk & have fun...

This time we picked Japanese. Read the review by CK Lam on her page and all girls decided to give it a shot. Indeed, good choice, WE LOVED IT! Esp the ice-creams :)

To avoid the jam, we went early. By the time we reached, its still early evening and just nice for me to snap a shot of the front of Isaribi.

While we were waiting for Wealth Planner Girl to get off her busy schedule, we couldnt resist the ice-cream menu and ordered 3, a scoop each for starters! Tummy... We had Black Sesame I-Scream! , Yuzu I-Scream! and BlueCheeze I-Scream!

1st time trying Dobin Mushi, loved it! It tastes so special that one tiny pot is just not enough!

We had beef tataki as well, superb!

Chawamushi was great! It even had a piece of Unagi on the top!! Oishiine~

Cha soba... cold noodles, I didnt really fancy cold noodles, but this one was good!

Here come the surprise !! Well, it was kinda expected when I saw the girls hinting each other and was "like dont know to take it out now or not" kinda face ... LOL but yea, it was sweet (^^,)

Making my wish, blowing the candle... There goes another year ! LOL

I did the cake cutting and Photography Girl took the chance to snap here snap there snap every where ... I personally like this shot!

Finally... a photo of Wealth Planner Girl, B'day Girl, Lingerie Girl and Photography Girl together. Taken by a not-so -pro photographer... well, he wasnt trained anyway, so ... let him off for this time!

We didnt have any drinks @Isaribi but just green tea. All of us could use a drink after so off we went to TGIF

As usual, my drink would be Mojito, but this one ... 4/10 is the best score I can give. ( in other words - LOUSY LAH~!) Lingerie Girl & Wealth Planner Girl shared their fav' drink - Margherita and Photography Girl had the same.

But it was enough for us ... we had a shot of Vodka each after that~

There after ... MORE FOOD!! Cos still feel like munching something while chatting and sipping our drink; but it was a silly joke about ordering this Nachos at TGIF . We were thinking it those Bottomless Nachos from Chillies, but this came like 20min after!? We had question marks on top of our head when it was served on our table! LOL
It was really what we expected, but we ate it anyway!

Before we were all gone and wasted, we took a nice photo together ... but Photography Girl was holding the cam!! OOoOopppsss ... Sowee Beeez

Thank you girls for the wonderful night out~
A night to rememeber, indeed.


P/S: some lovely angels arent here with us, hopefully the next round we are all set to take a perfect group photo~ (^^,)

Wednesday, March 18

About me ?!

I did a test on facebook, as usual, people play & post it up, I am just too free and simply click and play along ...
But i do find this description quite alike me ... Those who know me - what do u think ??

Attractive Affectionate.Shy and reserved. Secretive. Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. Loves peace and serenity. Sensitive to others. Loves to serve others. Easily angered. Trustworthy. Appreciative and returns kindness. Observant and assesses others. Revengeful. Loves to dream and fantasize. Loves traveling. Loves attention. Hasty decisions in choosing partners. Loves home decors. Musically talented.Loves special things. Moody.

Tuesday, March 17

Small Dragon Bun ?!... 小笼包

for those who know me ( u know who u are...) , I love dumplings, all kinds of dumplings ...
this time round, I have decided to give 鼎泰丰 a shot, to try their specialty - dumplings of cos'

On the menu itself show at many types of different dumplings.
Best to go for is the original 鼎泰丰 小笼包

U gotta eat it when its hot, but gotta becareful! Its so hot that it'll burn your tongue!
Ratings for the 小笼包 : 8/10 ... almost perfect!

as for the hot & sour soup... too much bamboo shoots!
killed me taste for it, cos i dont like bamboo shoots
Ratings: 6/10

Egg Fried Rice ... there's song : 蛋炒饭, 最简单最困难! Not easy to fried ~okay!?
Ratings: 8/10 ( bit too oily but its still nice! )

Overall Rating : 8/10
Value for Money : YES

Where : 鼎泰丰
What we had: egg fried rice, 小笼包, Hot & Sour Soup
Cost : $30+ for 2

Sunday, March 1

Temporarily Unavailable ...

Due to a recent disturbing incident that happened to me , I have decided to stop blogging till further notice.

Thank you for the patience, be sure to drop by for more updates SOON!

* My apologies to those who have read the previous post ... for being harsh , but its just how i feel back then ...

Updated : Sunday 8 March, 09


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