Sunday, February 24

dinning at Mr Yeow's

its been more than 12months since i had Mr Yeow's LambShank

but this time it was a bit ...disappointing
yet still nice!!! kekeke...

Friday, February 22

Update on my dad

[some photos has been removed due to some comments stated it was scary]

Dad ...CNY, be4 the accident ...
still "handsome" san ...
while he was in the hospital ...
just got out from surgery ...

Dad's condition...
He is stable now, can start scolding me de, so ... HE IS OK now
... but no more "Handsome" san lo ....

* Many thanks to those who came to the hospital to visit my dad....
Thank you all for being so caring n concerning!!
The flowers were beautiful .... thanks!!! *

my usual spot

went shopping at Tesco ...
this used to be my favourite isle ...
but not this time....
yea... its all household stuff
not just my stuff ....

the feeling is like becoming a maid @home ... or housewife !??!

Tuesday, February 19

Unexpected #2 又是个意外



驾车人士:驾车使用电话, 请用免提器!

dad was involved in an accident today...
badly injured...
his left arm was fractured, nose too

the driver was driving and talking [obviously was NOT on full concentration driving]
i dont have to say much abt what happen there after ...

to all my blog readers: please be very careful on the road
to all drivers out there : If u need to talk n drive ~PLEASE USE A HANDSFREE

Monday, February 18

Good Morning Monday ....!!!

一起身,就听到 903 。。。 真开心。。。

称为: 是但"UP"求其大合唱

名字叫- 虾[哈] ,虾[哈], 虾[哈]。。。

p/s: 用广东话读哦~

Sunday, February 17


原本打算去吃宵夜, 刚刚开车,却听到怪声... 落车一睇~ 哎呀!!! 大锅!!!! 爆胎!!!!!!!!!
礼拜六夜晚, 照旧喇。。。
“乐乐”夜 -
LookLook Yeah~!

Saturday, February 16


this is how the cake looks like be4 i start diggin' in ....

Its Saturday, and i m staying home again... its just too hot to be out there (kekeke, me like to hide) nothing much to munch at home but all CNY cookies... Irene bought us cheesecake yesterday ... so ... this is wat i m having for my breakfast~!

Thursday, February 14


Its the 9th day and hokkiens will hv this ceremony - 拜天公
I missed it at home last year, and this year I m 'dateless' for the ever 'over-celebrated' Valentine's Day [LOL]

anyway... i took some pictures...
[well alot actually] of what we had at home...
but posting a couple cos its too much work to post it all ...

this work of art is deco by moi~
i know i know its nasty!! but then ... i just dont know how to decorate it!!!

this is me daddy...
so sincere...
Daddy : " Thnee korng, thnee korng...
poh pee wa tiok tua chai, toto & kuda ... peng-peng aun-aun..."
" ... also ar, my monkey girl faster faster find good husband to marry..."

this is just part of the table peeps...
wait till u see the FULL table ...
ours is nothing, i dindt get the chance to go down to Weld Quay this year ...

the celebrations & alter is sooooooooo GRAND till u'll b shocked of what u see!!!
[ seriously, no kidding.... ]

OK Here is wat I m talking about .....

but its not that 'grand' anyway... hahah

CoZy CorNer - 系唔系 好正咧!?

at this hour, me suppose to be in bed sleeping as i hv got date with cupid inmy dreams ... but some how i m still online kekeke

Wednesday, February 13


TSM made these sugar cookies ...
i think its her 1st attempt, not bad but just wee bit too hard
but i like it~!

cute huh~?!?

Sunday, February 10

its a day where u just dont know:-
what to do ...
where to go...
when to go where...

TSM suggested we go to Time Sq
and so we did...

Wednesday, February 6


this box has been with us for .... 5years i think and its still very new!!!!
wan2 see wat i had inside the sweetbox for this CNY~? wakakak its all my favourite!!!!!

Sunday, February 3


time: late evening

date: 3 feb 2008

venue: Haagen Daz

people: Lyn, Bee, Syl & me~~~!

Its been quite some time since our last get-together ...
chit chat, eat, laugh, gossip, drink ...etc, etc, etc...

Finally just b4 CNY we manage to get together for closed group gathering ...

SURPRISINGLY!!!! I was the only one NOT bz with my phone but look at the rest of them...
[actually, I was but I was bz capturing the moment where 3 of de girls are bz tab tab tab...]

Reminder to Bee: Next time pls pay attention when i say READY!
[ I think she was too bz checking out the I-Screams next table were having ]

Poor me... SQUASHED!!
But it kinda made me look "smaller" don u think!?


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