Wednesday, September 30


Here are some photos to share on coffee-stained Art ! *well, thats what i call it... heheh *
I dont really know the real name for this but its sooo nice! All where drawn using coffee.
It kinda gives me the idea of making use of my rough paper stained with coffee mugs mark to make it into a beautiful piece of art work like this ...

Hope you all like it!

Monday, September 28


Take a listen to this song ... not aware that the lyrics were explicit ! LOL
Have fun , enjoy!

So you say
It's not okay to be gay
Well I think you're just evil
You're just some racist who
can't tie my laces
Your point of view is medieval

Fuck you (Fuck you)
Fuck you very, very much
Cause we hate what you do
A...nd we hate your whole crew
So please don't stay in touch

Fuck you (Fuck You)
Fuck you very, very much
Cause your words don't translate
And it's getting quite late
So please don't stay in touch

Friday, September 25


Look at what mama Alice made ~

mix mix mix...

in the end we've decided to give it a name ...
混蛋粥 -mixed egg porridge~! 哈哈 哈哈

Wednesday, September 23


今天没什么事, 也没什么人再。。。

一个看医生去了 ;



Sunday, September 20

身騎 白馬

Here is another song to share, which at 1st I couldnt work it out if its a mandrin or hokkien song *haha* ... I dont really know who the singer is but here is some info about her


天生反骨的徐佳瑩,帶著一身的憨膽和不怕丟臉的精神,辭退小護士的工作從台中隻身而上 ,展開一場為音樂打拼的艱苦生活。

這段被徐佳瑩形容成「行屍走肉,失志頹廢,自信自尊 被徹底擊潰」的日子,終於中止於一場萬眾矚目的歌唱比賽。在海外選手資格賽中,「身騎 白馬」的演唱動機何其簡單,徐佳瑩就只是想讓從國外來的PK選手以及評審聽點不一樣的 ,沒想到一曲歌仔戲融合電音的創作驚艷全場,隨即引發全台灣白馬效應。不冀望拿下冠軍 ,抱著「每唱一次就賺到一次」的心態,居然也就這樣一路被領著走到了決戰時刻。

多次以 自創曲闖關的徐佳瑩,在最後載歌載舞的總冠軍賽中,優異的表現,讓評審黃韻玲說出以下 這番激勵人心的話:「我期待再看到一個新的陳綺貞、新的蔡健雅,但是那個人叫作徐佳瑩 ,她有她自己的名字!」 初試啼聲之作「身騎白馬」,讓徐佳瑩一鳴驚人。背後意義不僅代表了「一位很能唱歌的人 幸運地碰到一首好歌」而已,也象徵了徐佳瑩的勇敢、堅持與素人力量,平凡外貌卻能從容 詮釋一首大格局大氣勢的歌曲,若沒有這些突出不凡的特質,「身騎白馬」也不會如此地打 動人心,掀起討論狂潮。

全新打造的「身騎白馬」完整版,由徐佳瑩和音樂製作人蘇通達再度合力操刀。為了打造古 調與流行音樂的不可能,製作人蘇通達大膽巧妙地將電音、國樂和管弦樂並置,鮮明的層次 成功地營造戲劇張力,極具衝突卻能引發一股入耳的感動。這首歌不但傳達了一個平凡女生 義無反顧追求愛情、追求夢想的勇敢與孤獨,也更像是徐佳瑩為了音樂勇往直前孤身北上的 真實寫照。音樂錄影帶由黃中平導演執導,沒有煽情的劇情、沒有華麗的包裝,平實且誠懇 的視覺風格將徐佳瑩的素人情感傳達得淋漓盡致。

... and here is an MV to share

我爱谁 跨不过 从来也不觉得错
自以为 抓著痛 总会修成爱的果
偏执相信著 受诅咒的水晶球

而你却 靠近了 逼我们视线交错
原地不动 或向前走 突然在意这分钟

我身骑白马 走三关
我改换素衣 过中原

Saturday, September 19

Touching & Nice

I was looking for some Taiwanese song online while watching 康熙来了, and came across this song i heard Zionsys playing non stop that day.

its a very nice & touching song by 江蕙

作词:郑进一/陈维祥 作曲:郑进一

有一日咱若老 找无人甲咱友孝 我会陪你
坐惦椅寮 听你讲少年的时阵 你有外摮
吃好吃丑无计较 怨天怨地嘛袂晓 你的手
我会甲你牵条条 因为我是你的家后

阮将青春嫁置恁兜 阮对少年跟你跟甲老
人情世事已经看透透 有啥人比你卡重要
阮的一生献乎恁兜 才知幸福是吵吵闹闹
等待返去的时阵若到 我会让你先走
因为我会呒甘 放你为我目屎流

有一日咱若老 有媳妇子儿友孝 你若无聊
拿咱的相片 看卡早结婚的时阵 你外缘投
穿好穿丑无计较 怪东怪西嘛袂晓
你的心我会永远记条条 因为我是你的家后

阮将青春嫁置恁兜 阮对少年就跟你跟甲老
人情世事嘛已经看透透 有啥人比你卡重要
阮的一生献乎恁兜 才知幸福是吵吵闹闹
等待返去的时阵若到 你着让我先走
因为我会呒甘 看你为我目屎流

Friday, September 18


all in one pot~

Alice from Wonderland ( hahaha ) was in the mood to cook these days and Friday - Porridge day

Full of nourishment, but this bowl aint mine - u see the coriander!?!?

Now this is what I call yummy porridge!!

Notice the only thing missing is 油条 !?

Thursday, September 17

THANK YOU Mr. & Mrs Thio

Guess what we had for tea today!? Yups~~ Muffins!!
Thanks for Vincent & wifey, got us the famous Muffin from Amoy Street~

*Apple & Cinammon Muffin

Looks yummy but not from the my camera tho' (== ")

These yummy muffin can be found in Amoy Street Food Centre

Friday, September 4

Seaweed or Week ?!

Talk about promoting speaking better English, here is something for a start.
I was searching hi & low for this Japanese seaweed called Hijiki, finally I found it in Isetan supermarket at Shaw Plaza! *yay*

Maybe 'cos i was soooo excited over the fact that I finally found what I have been looking for , for ages. I didnt realise until my friend point out the error to me!

Look carefully whats it called?! Its a bit too small to see, but yea ...
Instead of Seaweed, its stated there SeaWeek !!

Thursday, September 3

What Angel am i ?

You are the angel of Love which is associated with Passion. You are full of love and want to give it to other people, you have many friends because of your loving and caring attitude. You love almost any creature on the planet and wish people could love like you. In relationships you are most likely to have a long relationship. You carry romance and passion and love the hardest of any angel. However, sometimes you can be clingy and rely to much on your partner which may cause you to be lonely in return. Also, it can make you blind. If someone tells you that your partner is cheating, the love in your heart will force you to not believe it. You end up getting hurt the most. You love deeply and could not live without love.

Wednesday, September 2


I was kinda doing nothing at work, well not really nothing to do, but its just waiting for things to come in.

Fun thing about my job here is, as a coordinator its just like transfer agent. Jobs will come to me, from client, and my job is to ensure clients requirements are met, convey message to designer, and send back to client for approval or get me webbie sifu to upload ... etc etc

So because of this reason, hence this picture was taken

Well, can see I'm proving to you I really have time for this ! LOL Well just in case you dont believe that I'm at work, there's a snap on my work desk then~

Yes, all you see are Apples on the table, and obviously I'm a sucker for Apple hehe and in whites too !!!

Tuesday, September 1

Its been ages...

This is my work desk.

I know, its full of toys, and I like it ~! its been weeks since I last updated... Hahaha Not much to talk abt for now, just sharing some photos of things around me, ppl around me and nevertheless, FOOD~

Stay tuned peeps~

Thanks for dropping by (^.^)


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