Sunday, February 3


time: late evening

date: 3 feb 2008

venue: Haagen Daz

people: Lyn, Bee, Syl & me~~~!

Its been quite some time since our last get-together ...
chit chat, eat, laugh, gossip, drink ...etc, etc, etc...

Finally just b4 CNY we manage to get together for closed group gathering ...

SURPRISINGLY!!!! I was the only one NOT bz with my phone but look at the rest of them...
[actually, I was but I was bz capturing the moment where 3 of de girls are bz tab tab tab...]

Reminder to Bee: Next time pls pay attention when i say READY!
[ I think she was too bz checking out the I-Screams next table were having ]

Poor me... SQUASHED!!
But it kinda made me look "smaller" don u think!?

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