Saturday, June 14


Its a boring Saturday afternoon...

Nothing much to do but just rest as I m still trying to get rid of the headache that's been bugging me since yesterday ...

Cant drink coffee so i had peppermint tea instead ...

As i was cleaning some stuff in the cupboard, i found this ...

Horoscope Caster
* the fortunate day is TUESDAY
*Fortunate numbers are SEVEN & SIX
*The colours are shades of bright red
*Best locations for success are Large Cities

  • PERSONALITY: You have an active and dynamic personality. you have natural, charming manners and good mental power you are fond of having others looking up to you. You have the happy faculty of exercising diplomacy to swing others toward interesting themselves in you or acting upon your ideas & suggestions
  • LOVE: It appears that there will be more than one outstanding love affair in your life. Emotionally, you are affectionate, tender and inclined to passion. you are usually sensitive in love matters; you must guard against unreasonable jealousy. Avoid too great a mental and emotional domination over the object of your affections and your love life will be much happier and more harmonious. Disappointments in love are indicated during the early twenties and at about the 30th year.
  • BUSINESS: You are loyal to your work. Your independent nature does not qualify you for partnership ventures unless you have full freedom to work things out your way. Remember -there will be times in the beginning when you must guard against becoming discouraged too easily.

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