Tuesday, March 17

Small Dragon Bun ?!... 小笼包

for those who know me ( u know who u are...) , I love dumplings, all kinds of dumplings ...
this time round, I have decided to give 鼎泰丰 a shot, to try their specialty - dumplings of cos'

On the menu itself show at many types of different dumplings.
Best to go for is the original 鼎泰丰 小笼包

U gotta eat it when its hot, but gotta becareful! Its so hot that it'll burn your tongue!
Ratings for the 小笼包 : 8/10 ... almost perfect!

as for the hot & sour soup... too much bamboo shoots!
killed me taste for it, cos i dont like bamboo shoots
Ratings: 6/10

Egg Fried Rice ... there's song : 蛋炒饭, 最简单最困难! Not easy to fried ~okay!?
Ratings: 8/10 ( bit too oily but its still nice! )

Overall Rating : 8/10
Value for Money : YES

Where : 鼎泰丰
What we had: egg fried rice, 小笼包, Hot & Sour Soup
Cost : $30+ for 2

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