Monday, February 22


Sharing here is this place at Armenian St, Penang. A restaurant called Nan Yang Chinese Cuisine(南洋美食馆) .
Me & bro went for dinner the other night, twice actually ... I liked the food there and reasonably priced too. Took some photos to share with all ...

Entrance to the restaurant.

My favourite so far ...
*but each time I ordered I just cant finish the whole thing *

"Oh Jien" Fried Oyster Omelete

Stir Fried Lily Bulb with Asparagus & Prawns
*yummy ... I love this dish*

Fried Egg with Wolfberry & Spring Onion
*We LOL when the dish was served, I was the crowned the stupid of the day!*

From the outside ...

Very old school ...

So old u feel like are in the 60's ...

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