Saturday, April 10


... Dont know when I'll be back again ...

My own inflight entertainment ... 
Well, this is my 1st time traveling on AAX flights for more than 5hours. Previous trip was to Macau, short flight but "horri-reble" (horrible +terrible). Should not mention it again as it was not at all a pleasant flight for me.

But AAX London was surprisingly GOOD~ * Well Done, AirAsiaX *

  • Stewardess where nice, polite and smiled all the way;
  • food was not bad too but they mixed up my order (=.=");
  • as a compensation, I was given a gift (=.^) ;
  • seats were reasonable comfortable, to my surprise (I thought it was going to be nightmare);

Here's a snap for u, my snack at 0430hr (+8 GMT Msian Time) ...
the lady sitting next to me was so kind, she tried to wake me up so I won't miss my meal. How thoughtful of her.

Grilled Chicken Fettuccini
* the carrots & peas were soooooo yucky! *

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  1. That's all the food you get? No wine? No Liquor?

    No Chippendale dancing for you?


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