Sunday, August 2

LOWER RISK ... *phew*

I was being stupid, reading some articles online on renal impairment and suddenly a flashing ad caught my attention. So I clicked on it (dont worry its not spam) and completed the questions asked.

Here is the results I got :

Lower Risk

You may be at risk for major depression.

You replied that you are feeling four or fewer of the common symptoms of depression. In general, people experiencing depression have five or more common symptoms of the condition. But every individual is unique. If you are concerned about depression, talk with your doctor.

Depression shows up in many different ways. People often lose interest in favorite activities and feel sad or hopeless. They may also have sleep problems, gain or lose weight, feel irritable or angry, or be in physical pain for unexplained reasons. Feeling guilty, anxious, or having difficulty concentrating are also common signs of depression. Fortunately, there are many ways to treat depression, and more than 80% of people treated for depression improve within a year.

p/s: I missed HK & Macau

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