Monday, August 3


Often happen in supermarket that products are misplaced, eg: shoes in bags department, boys' t-shirt in female department, packets being opened before they purchased and if they like it then will take another unopened pack!

Below will be a picture I snapped at Mustafa, and it was quite surprising~ It wasnt me nor any of my friends who were there with me. It got me thinking, what was that idiot trying to do, what was he thinking.... or was he even thinking ??

From far it looked like a brush with a plastic holder is inside. As I walked nearer to take a closer too, it turn out to be ... check out the photo below~

... yea. (*another inconsiderate dumb-ass) Some one had put a bottle of white glue into the Faber-Castell glue, I think just to prove it the white glue will set in the tin ...?

Simply Stupid~

1 comment:

  1. hahaha...luckily u din dip ur hand into those glu...else wish u all the best to remove it...


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