Wednesday, November 11


At ION Orchard ... TWG

yup yup... went to chk out TWG at ION Orchard, nothing special really but the price ! haha
As usual, what can be cheap in ION Orchard, you tell me ?! But anyway, like the deco and the shop setup up, snap a few photos to share below.

Apart from tea leaves , tea bags, they have a corner selling really luring deserts~ but I didnt go for it this time (^.- )

Pastries and Macarons too ... ( but nothing beats Bakerzin's Macaron)

Anne was there too~!~!

Outside ION Orchard ... hot hot sun ... almost melted (=.=")

Jo & Anne
Lovely couple ♥

some coffee jelly thingee with damn long name ... haha cant remember whats it called ~!

Reason why i took the snap of this receipt cos there were FIVE of us, order FIVE drinks and cakes, and look at the total amount - $55.55 ...


so in the end we decided to buy 4D with the 'special number' ... *it was a Sunday* but then ... there were no 5555 when i checked the results that night ... bummer (=.=")

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