Thursday, November 12


Something great to share with all !! I was helping a friend searching for a new home, and I stumble upon this website ST701. Site was pretty easy to navigate, and it saves us a lot of trouble to go abouts the island searching for goods and all.

Clear & str8 to the point , aint confusing at all

Since I’m looking at renting my own place and also helping my friend to look for a new home, we are mainly looking at properties in Singapore especially Singapore HBD flats, I’ve decided to search on ST701 Property for a start.

Properties listed from Woodlands to Bedok to Jurong, and many more.

What I like about this site are the varieties available, you can even narrow down your search to make it more precise, and its user friendly.

After the properties search we have short-listed a few that we want to take a better look at, personally I clicked onto ST701 SHOPS for some personal shopping … since Christmas is just around the corner *heehee

I would strongly recommend this site if you are looking for location of shops, cars for sale /rent or real estate - a site for you to get the info before you head out there and ended up getting nothing in the end!

*can you believe it, you can even pawn your stuff here!

Check it out and let me know! Feedbacks are welcome too (>.< )

Happy shopping~!

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