Sunday, June 28

The Experience : Henna

I was at Mutiara's Bazaar that day and saw this lad at the counter with books on designs that looked like tattoos.

I went over to chk it out, found interesting designs that I wanted to have it drawn on my hand. Took me 15min to flip thru all the books she had on the table and finally decided on 1 design that I liked very much.

The lady carefully draw the ink over my arm, her hand is a bit shakey but her free hand - chun!

Mind u! All there are without draughts okay ?? Free hand whey! But she changed the design I chose and added a few things on ... I like it!!

Look how happy I was with her work of art! Love it Love it!!

This is what happened about 45min laters when the ink started to peel off. Looked a bit orangee but still nice *cos my skin is really fair!* I guess thats why ...

... and here is me with me new hairdo and the Henna on my hand...
Still there but faded a bit bit hehe

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