Saturday, June 20

In Sg ...

Picture speaks louder than words...
Those who had Krispy Kreme must wear that hat and snap a photo hahah ... I know its silly but its just for fun! (^^,)

I kept my promise and brought 2dozen back to Sg for my dearly beloveds in the land of Singa. Even the immigration officers looked at me and asked me what is this all about?! LOL
But alas, u guys get to try it and I'm sure u guys loved it as much as I do, and craving for it right ?? LOL

More to come, just remind me before I head back to Sg hehehe
Note to Cher :
I think u score very well promoting Krispy Kreme with that sweet smile ... Just that, Krispy Kreme is sweet enough d ... (^^,)

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