Thursday, June 11

Satisfied! ... Morning Chiilz

Yupz I brought my fav tumbler to Starbucks again, and RM2 off Americano * woohoo
Surfing net, reading news & updates, blog, Facebook, twit updates .. etc etc etc

yea, I dragged him out of the bed like 630am just to chill with me
He's a good boy, he kept his words! Got up the moment I called him, and stayed up and hang with us till afternoon


Chilled til about 10+, both of us were finally hungry, and sober enough to eat our 1st meal of the day, I brought Jason to this place where they sell the best noodle soup ever in Subang! Its just simply good! Nah, good is not even good enough - SUPERB! and we both finished even the soup. Just lovin' it!

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