Thursday, June 11

Satisfied! ... Afternoon Actionz

Jason treating Dominos~!

I cant remember why, but I only remember I keep bugging him to treat me to Dominos Pizza ever since I got back to KL. I wasn't feeling well then, but not today! Semangat Betul~! After Mei finishes her class, met up with Elaine at Dominos for another satisfying meal.

While waiting for Pizza to come, Elaine to arrive - we cam'ho

Me holding the ticket to long-craved-for Dominos

She & her couldn't be bothered face *LOL*

He and his "Sigh-why-me" face *LOFL*

Yummy New York Pizza... Looks, smells & tastes very nice. But Guess what happen next?!

Lemme give you a hint : We got a replacement Pizza !

Yea, something went wrong some where in the kitchen I guess. The slice that I took, looked a bit like mixed with blue cheese or blueberry or simply cos its spoiled, I dont know ... Here, u guys take a look and you say ...

Well, we didnt really complain but we made of a lot of noise *whats new whey ...* Jaecent was the one who asked the store manager to come over ; Jason was the one with the funny 'constipated' face, the rest us girls also made some noise... and in the end they replaced one whole new pizza for us ... *LOL*

Oh yea, I forgot to check with Jason how was 'that' replacement pizza ...

" Jason ... HOW ARRR ?? "

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