Saturday, July 18


My boss came down to KL for a short trip to meet some clients and also to get away from his hectic yet challenging working environment. Obviously I'm the one to bring him around town for food and fun. Its quite a fruitful trip for him as he manage to sort out most of his agendas and I suppose he had a great time too (no complaints from him so far ... heheh)

Put him into the hotel nearest to KLCC - Maya Hotel, a reasonably priced boutique hotel. With all the necessary need like Wifi and confy bed. Its just about 10min walk away from KLCC too.

Checked out the beds in the room, look pretty comfy ...
and they sure are comfy!!

The best part is they even had a espresso maker in each room~
now how cool is that?!!!

Now this is what I call UNIQUE~
I have seen this in hotels out of Msia but it took me by surprise when I saw this in Maya Hotel~
Well done!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

More photos of Maya Hotel

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