Tuesday, July 7


NO EYES SEE (* in canto -无眼睇)

I went to renew my drivers license today & I felt as if I was robbed under the broad day light.

The story goes like this ...
I just realised last night that my drivers license expires today, hence I need to extend it for at least another year. I took the trouble to go all the way to the JPJ @Genting Klang for renewal with photo on my license but all i got in the end was an extension card without my photo.

In the end I got a renewed license without the photo I wanted...

The photos isnt really the main issue, but problem here is I was told that I need to pay extra for one year of renewal. I was approached by this young man who he claimed to be able to help me for faster renewal and that the office was closed for lunch. They will only be back to work by 2.30pm, after lunch. So I thought since I was kinda in a rush and to save the hassle, I let him do the job.

Extra $$ for helping me get the job done ?

When I asked, he quoted only RM30 for 1year renewal, but after he took my license, turned over and looked, he said I need to add another RM30 for transfer fees. Reason given : This license was not issued here in Selangor. I agreed to to pay him to get the renewal but he later asked for RM10 for his service charge. I thought it was reasonable as I dont have to go thru this all by myself. So, he went off with my license. Minutes later he called me on my mobile said he will need to charge me RM10 for "coffee" 'cos I had summons pending for payment - in which I am not aware of!

RM10 for "coffee" to settle pending summons?

I need to get my license renewed or else I wont be able to drive at all. In a way, I have no choice but to let him go ahead with the only option given - PAY HIM WHAT HE ASKED FOR! Which is ... RM30 for 1year of extension+RM30 for transfer fees (reason given: my original license was issued in my hometown and not Selangor) + RM10 for his service charges + RM10 for "coffee" ... which total up to be...


After all these negotiation, which I very much regretted to let him extend my license, I felt even more stupid when I didnt even ask for receipt for the transfer fees! How could I not ask that from him ? I was just too devastated with the whole issue! All done in less than 10min & I got my license renewed for 1year, but I felt cheated!

I WAS ROBBED under the broad day light!!!

Well, this is not the worst. I took from JPJ @Genting Klang at about 12.30n , with EC. Suppose to be in Sunway by 1.20pm the latest to meet EJ for lunch. So we thought to save time & money, we decided to take the shortest route to PJ from where we were.

Driven 50KM from Setapak out 2North-South H'way & back 2Old Subang Airport

What happend in the next hour is way too frustrated to even think about it! So I shall just make it short for readers' pleasure.
  • Genting Klang to Sunway, usually takes up to 40min max at normal traffic, we took more than an hour;
  • Suppose to take LDP but missed the turn to Jln Kuching, ended up in Kepong;
  • At Kepong H'way suppose to stick to NKVE, ended up taking the wrong turn onto DUKE;
  • From DUKE suppose to exit Mont Kiara, ended up heading towards Kota Damansara routing thru Sg Buloh H'way;
  • at Sg Buloh H'way, suppose to exit Subang, Shah Alam but ended up in some ulu kampung road in No-Man's Land, passing by Pusat Penyelidikan Getah Msia;
  • Reached a T junction which the choices available wasnt what we expected,- Turn Left to Shah Alam & Klang OR Turn Right to Ipoh & Kuantan. Our choice - NEITHER!! and we were helpless and clueless of our whereabouts! ;
  • Took the chance, go by our instincs - we took the Left turn, ended up in TUDM Lapangan Terbang Sultan Abdul Aziz ( aka way to the old Subang Airport);
  • Forgot to mention, along the way we were very impress by how big GIANT has grown ( how ironic, Giant growing BIG ), we saw at least 5 Giant signboards on different locations from KL, Kepong, PJ, Shah Alam all the way till Sunway ! WOW!!
  • After 40mins of "cruise to no where", we finally reached our only hope to stay away from the highway to Ipoh - Old Subang Airport;

Took almost 1hr of joy ride to end our "Highway & Signboard Adventure of Kuala Lumpur", we fnally reached the junction turning into Sunway Pyramid. What a long day ...

Lessons learned :
  1. Not to rely on other people to run the job for you if you are not familiar with the S.O.P, you may end up being cheated ( i feel sooooo darn bloody stupid now! )
  2. If you are not sure of which rd to take, dont trust the road sign on the highway in Msia. Not only it will confuse you, it may also lead you to the wrong way/ long way to reach your desired destination.
  3. Please dont be deceived by the names of the gardens/ housing area : Kota Damansara & Damansara Heights may sound the same but they are bloody far away from one another!


  1. LOLOL. omgggg i've suffered the same case as u b4 on DUKE. suppose to exit on mont kiara budden. AIKS !

    WOAH hero la u today. lols.

  2. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day! http://kantahanan.blogspot.com/


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