Friday, July 3


Well, its time for some jalan-jalan cari makan in KL! This time we've decided to head to Cheras, Friday night thats the only place we can think of hahaha Its all about food, food and food! We had all the food we wanted, from appetizers to dessert! Yummy yummy!! Not to forget, we cam'hoed kao kao too

The sky is still bright when we reached. Manage to find a legal parking lot to park hehe ... Lucky me!

We've scanned thru the street and started with Uncle Bob Fried Chicken!

Bought 2bags of deep fried abalone shrooms - RM2 each, cheap & good!

China Burger - didnt really like it, like some pancake with filling from Mr Bean in Sg

3 for RM5 - another one, cheap & good!!

Viv asking whats this, whats that ...
I'm asking if them lot want this want that ...

Look at size of the currypuff! Trust me, its HUGE!!

Look at all the other stuff they sell...

Yummy Yummy ... but too much of deep fried no good for throat!

My other fav - Takoyaki, but not with octopus! hehe We tried prawns this time
... so so only...

OooOoOoO ... cant wait to eat em!!

Its Redbean cake aka 'poot jai gou'

Ok, please forgive me for all the 'luk luk' photos ... its my fav, esp standing by the stalls, pick what u want, eat what u want type..

picked what I wanted ...

dunk em into the hot boiling pot ... and wait

just look at what they have! OooO doenst it make u feel hungry?!

kena snapped! while i was waiting for my fishballs to cook ...

while every1 is busy with 'luk luk', Mr Ong here just have to snap one shot with the peek-a-boo! face ... wah lau eh beh tahan ... LOL

Lobster balls! OooO

Balls = eyes , eyes = balls ... Eye + balls = EYE BALLS!

each with a stick in hand - proved that we all had it!

Group picture of the gang! a bit blur but still nice heheeh
Cute! Bread with funny face!

Dessert time! Viv & her mango sai mai lou

me & me Glutinous riceballs in Ginger Tea!

Strawberry snow & mixfruit snow

all feeding Mr Ong ... make him gain weight hehehe

Looked so innocent sia! LOL

Quiz of the day:
Anyone who can guess what's on her hand, wins a bowl of mixfruit snow from this dessert stall at Cheras Nightmarket ...

Hint: its from the market

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