Friday, July 24


Fancy some nice Japanese food but thinking about the amount u're gonna be paying just makes u want to forget about it ?
Dont worry about it now as Hoshi Japanese buffet is running on promo for Buffet @$28.50++ per pax. (U.P @ $35++ i think) Trust me, add on tax and service, u are only paying $35 for all u can eat~ I rate this 9/10.
Promotion applicable on weekdays only.

Here's a picture to share with all of what I have tried. Overall, the sashimis are fresh, prawns are sweet & fresh too! What I didnt try was their sushi & handrolls, reason being with all the choice in the menu they offered, u would want to forgo the sushi so that u can try more of other dishes.

Their servings are quite small as its a Eat-All-U-Can buffet, what's the point giving us regular servings right? *smart* My advice, give it a pass to the soba & sushi and try all the other dishes on the menu.
  • Mix Tempura & Deep Fried Squid Ring
  • Chawamushi
  • Maguro with Mountain Yam
  • Deep Fried Shisamo & Deep Fried Lotus Root
  • Maguro & Sake Sashimi
  • Redbean desert with riceballs
  • Assorted Mochi ; peanuts & sesame, strawberry & redbean paste, yam
  • Yaki Niku, Teppanyaki fresh prawns & Yasai Jiru (mix veg miso soup)
  • Softshell Crab

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