Friday, May 30


as some of u guys know, my hubby is back from for the weekend.
Its been a while since we last get together...
we went for lunch & shopping after fetching Mei from college.
1st thing we reached Sg Wang - lunch of cos
had a terrible meal at Esquire Kitchen ... and it was expensive tooooooo
ok enough said ...
anyway right after tat we went walk walk around
check out some movies and dvds n games

and finally- phones...
as some of u may know me, I m a phone freak
But this time, hubby surprised me with a K850i!!!
I'm so flattered...

*Original SonyEricsson K850i with Silver Lining ... oh-so-cool

*As usual ... themes from nice huh ...

I love it soooooo much, cant get my hands off it!!!

Thanks darling... XOXO

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