Wednesday, May 7

its been a while since i last edit photos i have taken
just couldnt be bothered sometimes

this midget is working just fine as it is ...
the only down point about it is the memory....
can u imagine this thing only supports up to 4gb and the OS itself has taken up most of it
i m even lucky that i can have IM installed in it

the rest is all on external HDD ...
well i m ok with that, just tat just weeks after i got my stuff all up and running, my hdd just doesnt seemed to be working right

i know its not the end of the world but it cheesed me off a bit though

well i just gotta get it fixed when i m bk in town again

can u imagine life without music?
well like i said that is the only down point about this thing!!
once the external parts are not working, u just cant do much about it until u get them fixed

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