Wednesday, May 28


I m just amazed at times
I cant believe that I actually own one of this tiny lil midget
oh its Asus EeePC
those who know wat a UMPC is, this is basically the most basic n standard UMPC but its really small and handy

well, the funny thing that happen today was ...
I was out in the hall watching tv, left my midget in the room...
But I also left my notebook at the workstation, opened up like my midget
I walked into the room a few times, thinking to myself "How come there is 2??"
I thought it looked funny till I look twice at it
and guess wat?!?
I came to realise both my notebook & midget looked almost the same
I cant help laughing out loud & took a picture to share...

They look almost the same in the room when lights are off, unless u look at it carefully...
the only diff is my midget was pimped and the notebook was just paper

*Midget is wat i call my new love, the eeepc
*Notebook as mentioned above is the old skool type of book where we use for notes ...(d'oh... wat am I talking about here.. lol)

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