Saturday, May 3

as some can read from Mei's blog, she has mentioned that I bought a new lappy yes!!! its the "IN" thing now - UMPC
The Asus EeePC
well, i have been eyeing on this tiny gadget for ages since it was 1st launched Q4 07'
and i have it now.....
its tiny but its got everything one need to have especially "on-the-go"

when i 1st had my hands on it I seriously freaked out as its running on LINUX which i know nuts about it
i tried to play with it, learned but still... it aint wat i was expecting....
even if i have seen videos ndread reviews abt it on the net, it still aint the right feel in Linux

so i have to get some help from friends ( a lot actually) to help me understand how this thing go abouts
but in the end... sad to say I GAVE UP..... (no, not the midget but on the OS....)

Well, peeps, i almost forgot to thank Zionsys for helping me out here
he's done a great job in transforming my new toy into my new love...
y say so, "u" shd know ....


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