Saturday, May 24

girls day out

Well, its about time for another gathering ...
Syl came down for a visit and for some business

Its Fri and as usual, we all were out jalan-jalan, cari makan ...

1st stop :- some where in Segambut
What we had : - Seafood Noodles
Comment: - -nil-

No photos were taken cos I was too hungry
and it was real hot too

We then proceed to Ikea, walk walk look see look see a bit, nothing much to buy ...
Next stop, 1U ...
its been some time I been there

we are some how craving for 'tong sui' (chinese dessert)
hence we decided to go check things out in KTS

2nd stop: - KTS @1U
What we had : - sweet desserts
Comment: - not so nice

We were bored...
as usual, while waiting for our order to be served ... *snap* ...

This is what i had - Cold Black Glutinous with Mangoes ... weird combo , i know

3rd stop:- Starbucks ( my fav....)

We then proceed to Bux while waiting for Ching to come over ...

Syl took out her iPod touch ...(didnt manage to snap a photo of it )

Ching came and was bz with work... as u can see below

can some one pls tell her she's suppose to be relaxing.... ???

and as we all can see, this missy here is just ...B.O.R.E.D

and finally ... I present u ....MY MIDGET, MY NEW LOVE ....

Pimped with floral stickers .... EeePC and my Caramel Macchiatto

hmmmmmm my love

p/s: looking carefully... i m on facebook muahahahahahha

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