Friday, October 17

Fish & Co

Last Tues I met up with Zionsys at Suntec for dinner.
After 20 min walking around at Suntec, we have finally decided to eat at Fish & co for a change ...
A pretty bad experience for the 2nd time i dined at Fish & co.
it got onto my nerves and i lodge a complaint the next day on the website provided... telling them of how unhappy i was!

What happened that night was, i felt adventurous and not wanting to go for the usual Fish & Chips, so I ordered Pasta & Shrimp salad and seafood chowder instead...

the pasta taste awful. Tasted as if its not cooked properly or it has been left in the fridge uncovered for the whole day!!!

the veg was ok but the dressing ... ewww! ... you wouldn't want to know how much of salt i have added just to get the taste!!

I couldn't even make myself finish the whole thing...I tried hard!!
& having to pay $9.50 for this "tasteless & hard" pasta & shrimp salad ... my heart ached for the whole night!!!

We sat there for more than 15min just to wait for the bill
I wasnt in the good mood after the salad, and being me, shortfused, i got up and went straight to the till and asked for the bill for the 3rd time and also a comment card.

I know they were busy serving and and but we have asked nicely for the bill for more than once and no one attended to us?!??!
What were they thinking ???

Anyway when i asked for the comment card, the lady ( the outlet in charge i suppose) looked at me, dumb founded like no one has asked for a comment card b4 ...
after she printed out the receipt, i paid for it unhappily then only she asked me what are my concerns ...

and so i tell her how unhappy i was having to pay such amount for this tasteless pasta i had and all...

her answer to me was ..." oh, ok.... is there any other concern?"

gosh!!! she didnt even address my issue properly and not even offer to take it off the bill!!!!
I even asked her is that the way they prepare the salad? cos it didnt taste anything like i had b4

Well, i had enough, obviously she was in "la-la land" at that point of time or something ...
So i didnt even bother to get my change and just walk off ...

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