Friday, October 10

MOS burger

This would be my second time having MOS Burger in Sg ... Not bad overall, at least its economically priced ( & Japanese Burger leh~! ) Demonstration on how to eat MOS Chicken from MOS Burger (obviously right ... d'oh)

Step 1:

Hold the pack with both hands.
Follow the instructions on the paper bag
(the only bad point abt it is - these bags are "Made in China",
therefore its all written in Chinese... and i hope its 'Melamine Free' *LOL*)

Step 2:

Tear the paper bag following the prefrerated lines on the bag

*Note: be very carefull as it will tear out of line ...

(usual la ... what can we expect?!)

Step 3:

...& here we have, an innovation from the Japanese to eat chicken without "oiling" our fingers ...

(not for KFC though, its meant to be Finger Lickin' good,

therefore you HAVE to use ur hands, but not in MOS ... LOL )

also introducing MOS Crouquette Burger ...

not very intriging as u will be eating mostly carbs...

(d'oh... its potato and bread!)

Have you tried MOS Burger??

Well, if u haven't, try it out and see if u'll like it (^^,)


  1. Looks nice :P. What MOS stands for?

  2. MOS ... for the burger, i hv no idea ...
    for the club i know its Ministry of Sound la hahahahah


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