Saturday, October 18

They responded!!

Well, from my last posting on the complaint on Fish & co. , guess wat ?

ok, let me share with all what i commented ...

Category Type : Complaint
Salutation : Ms

First Name : Wendy

Last Name :

Address : nil

Postal : nil

Contact(office) : Office

Contact(home) : Home

Contact(mobile) : 94xx xxxx

Occupation : Sales/Marketing

Gender : Female

Country : Singapore
Selected : Suntec City

Permission to send marketing info : no

Join Mailing List : no

Date Sent : 10/15/2008 11:25:21 AM

Date visited : Tue Oct 14 00:00:00 GMT+0800 2008

Time visited : 7:30 p.m

Comments (if any) : Having to pay $9.50 for pasta & shrimp salad wasnt really a big problem. I would like to express my dissatisfaction on that the salad that i had, was tasteless and i have to add lots of salt ? Also the pasta doesnt seem like its cooked properly or its been left uncovered in the fridge for some time. When i approach the cashier for the bill n a comment card, i was asked what's my concern. I told her about it but it was not addressed properly. My dissatisfaction level is really high and really disappointed at Fish & Co for the service n food particularly at the Sun Tec Branch ... & no i wont visit Fish & Co again, so are my friends. No, u may not contact me as u have just lost a bunch of customer who used to love the fish in Fish & Co

and here is to prove of how fast their response is, to the complaint i lodge online!
but prior to tat, the personnel called me on my mobile to apologized personally

i know i know, i was mean to her on the phone, cos i have already mentioned not to be contacted!!!!

well, take a look at the email she sent. It was nice of her to do so, but seriously - I M NOT BOTHERED !!!

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  1. Oh...i do visit fish and co before..the food ok ok lo..not that delicious from the outlook..but didn't make any complain


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