Friday, October 24

It "Pis-U-Off" Friday

Well, peeps ... its Friday and it should be a happy day for all cos .... LONG WEEKEND!! (yey no more Monday Blueuzzzz) But i some how feel like declaring today -"Piss-U-Off" Friday ...

So i guess my target for today will be 5 (I'm trying to be nice to the ppl in my office)
Well, Satan & MnG will definitely be on my top 5 list ...
the rest of them, I m not so close with so ... Lets just see how it goes

Oh sad news, 2 of colleagues left ... One with notice; One without...
Received an email from one ystrday - "MY LAST DAY TODAY"
Me & Satan was shocked to see that, but we didnt question further but just wondering ourselves what is going on ...

So it was SHOCKING THURSDAY & Pis-U-Off Friday !!!
hmmmm wats on Saturday & Sunday !?!??!

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