Thursday, October 23


I feel so ... embarrassed!

This is real life joke ...
I was the joke!!

I was suppose to call a client in HK to resolve some issues they had back there. I m still not used to the dialing system here at work, initially having problems to dial out of the country till I got my babe near me to teach and help me out on that.

And so i dialed out of the country for the 1st time, and guess what happen ...

1st attempt
me holding on to the phone ..." doot doot... doot doot...."
the other end picked up :" Cary ..."
me :" I"m sorry who is that speaking please? "
guy : " who are u looking for ...?"
me (freaked out a bit ) :" oh i think i must have got the wrong no. I'm sorry ..."

... and I put down the phone

2nd attempt
" doot doot ...."
guy :" cary ..."
me :" oh ... sorry i got the wrong no again ..."
guy :" silent ..."

3rd attempt
( and the final attempt)

"doot doot... "
guy:" cary ..."
me :" Hi .. ermm.... "
guy:" hi are u wendy ?"
me:" yes i am , and i m looking for cary .... Are u ...?? "
guy:" u were expecting Cary to be a lady ... *paused for a bit* I am the Cary u are looking for ..."
me:" Oh... *stunned* I m so so sorry Cary ...I didnt ...."

both of us just laughed...

Well, it was silly i know ...
i could have just ask to speak to Cary instead of assumed i got the wrong no. ...
silly monk3y me!

Oh well, the call ended fine, he wasnt angry or anything and I was able to get the issues resolved so ...

... i still feel silly

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  1. CARY is a guy ah...alamak...better ask him to change his name ler....


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