Friday, December 5

噢~ 包。。。 饱!

many times i passed by this shop call - TangLing Pao shop
it makes me wonder what kinda stuff they sell. One fine day, on my way to town, Zionsys fetching me, passed the shop again and so I asked him to stopp by the side of the road so I can go check out the shop.

Mainly selling baos, as u can see its a bao shop maaaaa... they have chicken bao- big and small; assorted dimsums and fried stuff too

I tried chicken bao 鸡包, wu kok 芋角, siu mai 烧卖

after trying all those I bought, i still prefer chicken bao 鸡包

德记- 肥仔包 ; 自一九四八年
Teck Kee Fatty Bun , since 1948

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