Wednesday, December 17

Seriously Sinfull Part II

Recommended by Putu - New York New York

I went to check out the newly open extention of Jurong Point near Boon Lay Station.
It was SERIOUSLY HUGE! and guess what? They offer a challenge too!

If u can finish the whole thing all by yourself within an hour - the burger is FREE, they wil take it out off your bill hahahh ...but I dare not hahah

take a look at the burger yourself, i coudn't believe my eyes when i saw the plate ...

lucky thing they served it with LOTS of fries too hehehe

do u get what i mean when i say ITS FREAKING HUGE!?!?!?!

But all in all, it wasnt really a satisfying meal; the burger was over loaded with chopped onions (made me fart all night, damn it! ) Bread was not done properly too, and not enough vege in the burger... for $32.90 i rate as BELOW AVERAGE ...

Well, in order to agree with me, u just gotta try it yourself! and then u tell me wat u think ...

Lastly we feel like having dessert too that night but then couldnt decide wat to have. The waitress recommended Muddy Mudpie ( which i thought would be like typical english mudpie, forgetting that this is an ALL AMERICAN restaurant...)

It looks ok, but sure didnt taste anything like a mudpie~!~~!!! NO WHERE NEAR!!! It was sort of like some chocolate moist on a pasrty base, topped with lots and lots of chocolate fudge, and with a scoop of ice cream on top ... (i -scream , man ... when i saw thing coming i just don feel like touching it~! )

But in the end, in order not to waste food, we finished the whole thing too hehehehe

Sinful ! SINFUL!!! SUPER SINFUL !!!!

But i must say - Mei Mei baked better chocolate moist than these buggers! hahahah

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  1. that is a huge burger and damn expensive too...


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