Friday, December 12

Still waiting ...

I really cant take it anymore...


Well, as some of u may know I used to have a Samsung F480 ( yeah the one I craved for and got it finally ) But I have sold it off to an interested buyer for a good price. I m not complaining about the phone, just that even though with 5.0mp cam, the photos just aint right comparing to Sony Ericsson phones (ok I shouldnt have compared the photos ) But anway, I reason of selling off that phone is because there isnt much to play with on the phone.

...Some may say, " well, its a phone not a toy..."

True! I totally agree but I feel that the phone should just do more than just calling and texting. In my case, its gotta be like a portable entertainment unit for ;
  • providing music;
  • games;
  • movies;
  • info centre ...
  • etc etc ...

And so, F480 is history and next in line would be iPhone
Singtel is currently running an offer, $100 off 16gb iPhone! Which after selecting the call plans I wanted and final price comes up to be about $308 with $100 worth of trade-in.

NOT A BAD OFFER after all ... !!!!

I soooooooo wanted to sign up for one NOW but then after consulting Aaron, he still thinks that I should wait ... (but how long more... ?????) as he made a few phone calls to his contacts and hopefully he will bring me good news ... b4 xmas (prefferably ...)

till then I got to keep my cool and wait...

Shall I wait ??? or Shall i just get it now ???
....ahh..... f.c.u.k. it~

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