Sunday, December 7

Night Gone WiLD ...

A night out in Power Station

FCUK had an event on Friday night - Guitar HERO

basically showing off their guitar skills and of couse the launch of the new game from XBox called Guitar Hero .. (d'oh...)

FCUK wouldn't miss the chance of showing off their new collection too la~

here are some pictures when the event is still normal ...

fashion show - show fashion

DeeHellSix showing off his skills ... in this case , just guitar skills ( on stage ma ...)

chix posing for the cam

all posing with the guitar

when the night is still normal ...
Models posing on stage with the latest Spring ( boing... ) Collection

when the night's gone wild ...
all hell break lose ... where chickaz throw their G-stings all over the console ...

( erm but then look again, these looked new to me ehehe )

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