Sunday, April 5

Daiso Japan ... all over the everywhere

Daiso Japan in IOI Mall Puchong

Daiso Japan is finally in Malaysia!!
I remember the 1st time Zionsys took me there to have a look, I ended up with a bag of stuff! Often grabbing some random stuff from Daiso Japan in Sg 'cos its only $2 !!! Reasonably priced, innit?

Its RM5 for everything in Daiso in KL. Still kinda reasonable to me as most of the products are Japan made. Cant compaint much la!

The Daiso shops all looked the same, selling almost the same products too

I saw on the leaflets there are other branches too, MidValley has one and the rest are in East Malaysia, I didnt keep the paper with me hence I cant be sure of where else in Msia ...

But guess what?! I found one in Macau too!!

This Daiso is very unique, multi storey! Sounds big huh, but its underground multi storey! I find it very amusing because u will be like walking in a mase when you are inside. Good concept too as u wont miss any parts of it.

Same as the usual Daisos but this one is a bit cramp. Still they have almost everything inside too!

Price arent fix for this outlet, but they price accordingly and they have a chart of price list on every floor that you can check before you buy.

I was about to take a shot of the price list but silly me didnt see the guy standing behind me checking stock, he stopped me from taking photos of it... but not knowing I have taken most of the shop too hehehe

I didnt know photography is not allowed in there too! No sign wor! (+.-")

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