Tuesday, April 7

Padang Brown, Penang

I remember during my school days, me and classmates loved to walk over to Padang Brown for lunch if we are staying back after school or extra classes or any events. But even many years later, I still love going back to this place for food, esp char koay teow, lok lok and poh piah there!

As usual those are my standard orders, and as for now I will sharing photos of the items I mentioned (^^,) Trust me, its worth trying, esp the pohpiah. I am very picky of which stall of pohpiah i eat, but this one, never failed to make me smile and finish the whole plate all by myself! *woohooo yummiiieee*

As usual, u have to wait for a place to sit near the famous stalls

Early afternoon, not so crowded yet

Now, are u ready ? Here comes the picture of the food! ( quality isnt really that good cos I wasnt using my camera...it was my phone )

Famous Padang Yong Tau Foo

Char Koay Teow

Crab meat pohpiah

The very best of Padang Brown - Lok Lok

I cant help it but to order all the food I wanna eat every time I go there! I dont waste food, therefore I will only order that much of what I can eat or share...

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