Friday, April 3

Krispy Kreme in town soon!

I was told by Mei that her lecturer told them Krispy Kreme Dougnuts is in town!
We got so excited, and make a trip to Times Square and this is what we saw. What a shock! I thought its really here ... what a disappointment !!

I cant wait ....!

I want Krispy Kreme!!!!

but guess what again, Krispy Kreme went to her college the next day to give away some free doughnuts, pre-launch promo I guess...
and she was such sweet heart ♥- she saved some for me! (^^,)

♥ Thanks Mei! ♥

Those who have tried Krispy Kreme b4, I'm sure u know how it feel like! The 1st bite... ooOoOoO... it just melts in your mouth!! This - my 1st bite of Krispy Kreme in Msia 2009 !
I will never forget the moment!! Should have asked Mei to snap a shot of my "steamo" face !! LOL
Krispy Kreme was introduced by my bro who lived in London. I 1st tried it in Seoul, Korea when we were shopping at Lotte World. I still remember how good i tasted! Yummy!

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