Monday, April 6

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Another family outing day... Well it was actually the day which we set "thoo'day" & "thoo'morrow" free at the temple in Mt Erskine.

Farewell ...'kwai kwai' ...

Look how happy its swimming ... I cant recognise if this is "thoo'day" or "thoo'morrow" hahah

After the prayers, I went around the temple & the back garden of the temple to look around, it was a nice and sunny day, thus its a good time to snap some photos.

ancient well in the centre of the temple

pretty Bougainvilleas

Lovely garden, a walk way into the Buddha Statue inside.
I love the lotus mosaic on the ground, so beautifully crafted!

A close up shot of the Buddha around the lotus.

Back at the garden ...

at the back of the gardem, there's a huge place where u can take pictures, worship ... etc
and I found this great spot here where I see the west side of this beautiful island Pearl of the Orient. I cant believe how much they have developed this side of the island already!

Look at the highrise ... those are new apartment

If you are tired or just wanna hide from the sun, there is a small hut where you can sit and rest ...

Goddess of Mercy ...

After the prayers, photoshoot under the sun, we were all starving!

Another place introduced by CKLam Thought since we are nearby Mt Erskine, might as well, drive there to check this place out. Indeed it was a nice place, cozy and lovely.

Bar & cake counter

Easy service - just a press of a button; no need to scream or shout nor wave like monkey anymore heheh

Lovely set up

great ambience

chicken chop

Japanese Lunch box with miso soup

Lamb chop

Caeser Salad with cream of mushroom

Over all rating for Summer Garden ... okay la!
Food and service is alright but even with the set lunch menu I find it not so satisfying. As for the rest of the items on the menu, I find them a bit over priced.

Well this is just my personal opinion after trying their set menu. Maybe next time will try something else (^^,)

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