Wednesday, April 1


Hope all is well ...

Good news for some who has been following my blog! Yea ...I am ready to start bloggin again!
Dont ask me why, the mood is back and I just feel like it ... I hope U guys will still come back and read about what's going on; what I have eaten,;where I have been; what I have done for the weekend... so on and so forth...

Thank you for ur time & support (^^,)

Stay tune for more actions~!

Coming up next ...

wat to eat :
前菜 Appetizers

美食 Main Courses

甜点 dessert

咖啡 Coffee

街边小食 Street food

where to go :
餐厅 cafes

庙宇 Temples

游逛 hobby

娱乐 entertainment

古迹 sightseeing

where to buy what :
朗豪坊 Langham Place (HK)

金波鞋 Gold Adi ...

1 comment:

  1. finally monkey is back...sure will support u kao kao one....good to hear that u r back in business....


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