Wednesday, April 8

RibLees @Hartmas

went out for dinner at Hartmas b4 dropping by Pakujin's place. M'Looi brought us to this place call RibLees at Sri Hartamas. Not a bad place for dating too (^^,) great and cozy ambience, its got a balcony where you can chill. I didnt take much pictures cos I didnt bring along my camera ( again ) ... Well, iPhone's camera is just so-so. My apologies for the poor quality photos ...

we chose to sit outside at the balcony as it was drizzling and I love the breeze ... make u sleepy LOL. We order different dishes to try and here are some photos and comments about the food.

Smoked Salmon Salad
*looks ok but the fish wasnt really that fresh ... killed my mood for the rest of the salad

Fish & Chips
*for those who know, u shd know who ordered this LOL

My all time favourite ... Fajitas, but this time with Pork Loin
*not bad, but tasted like char siew LOL

Over all rating for this place is 7outta 1o. Maybe we were too early and wasnt really hungry, the food doesnt seems to be that great, dont judge by the looks... (^^,)

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