Friday, April 10

From 1 place 2another (Part I)

As some of y'all know i went to ^Mini Vegas recently, just a short trip to jalan-jalan, cari makan (^^,) well, i sort of capture some snaps from the start till i came back ... 一机在手,摄尽天下 LOL

here's what i found at LCCT, KL ...Yea ever so aware of ManUtd stuff hehe

cant really go in yet at that point of time and I was afraid the plane would take off soon. So with digital zoom in to the max, this is the best shot I can get *sorry folk, tried my best!*

the rest of the thing that happened on the plane to Macau ... I will write it out on another post cos its just way too long, too much to complaint about ... but heck, its budget airline so ... sod it!

Arriving at Macau International Airport ... kinda hazy innit?

just bored when I was in the cab ... self obsessed me was snapping shots of my tired face after the flight. Next thing u know the cab driver was asking me ...

"U not local?"

...erm, well, pretty obvious I'm not right? Ah, well... i was honest and answered no, but we sure didnt know if he cheated on the cab fare or not... * I doubt so he would...*

Here's the ferry ticket to HK~ Hollywood of Asia. Costing ^MOP155 , fair enough ... At that instant moment I thanked myself for not eating anything from the plane 'cos if not, I will be making ^'ABC' on board the ferry~ * yikes!!!!!*

while waiting to board the ferry ...

this is how nice & clean the ferry is ... no funny smell, no weird 'sightings' ... 10points for cleaniness! Well Done! ^First Ferry

Something interesting that I wanna share with all while i was checking out the menu on things they sell on the ferry. Take a closer look at the last second item "Garden SiSiSic Biscuit (cheese)" ... Doesnt that sounded like 'seasick"

好好的, 看了不晕也晕嘛 !

Mini Vegas : aka Macau
jalan-jalan, cari makan : A Malay term; meaning traveling abouts looking for food
一机在手,摄尽天下 : that's for me, I like to bring along my cam and snap almost everything i see
MOP : Currency used in Macau, known as Pataca
ABC : Malay term - Air Batu Campur ; I like to use it to replace the word 'puke'
First Ferry : name of the ferry i took from Macau to HK

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