Friday, November 7

best ever TV-snacks

Well well, i guess these are enough to last me for a month or so :) i LOVE all these cracker and nuts.

Belinjao Crackers

first time i had this when i was working on a passenger ship. my Indonesian colleagues passed me some to try, didnt quite like the 1st taste, but after that, I just cant stop!!!! its been my tv-snack ever since!!!

Tau Sar biscuits

for those who's been to Penang and all the Penangites will sure know abt this local favourite! Its been ages since i last had it, and i just LOVED it!!!!

Muruku Ikan
*Rosey, if u r reading this, pls pls find out where we can get this in Penang in BIG PACKS!

ol'skool break time snack!!! now its anytime snack ( LOL ) i dont seem to taste the fish but it sure is wonderful. Once u open up the 1st pack u tend to continue till the waste bin is full!! hahaha ( well at least i do )

Mixed nuts

i used to get them in smaller packets and sneaked them into the cinema ( hehehe) but now the small packs aint enough to feel me now! ( LMAO ) I finally found this JUMBO pack in Sg ( i think it was Fair Price or Seng Shiong ... Anyway I found it! ) Happily enjoying it when i m reading or watching TV

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  1. yeah...tau sah piah....i like it....aiks....muruku ikan...this one i never makan does it taste like?


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