Friday, November 7

Sawasdee Kha

Had lunch with Sam n Aprijitha today; we were deciding where & what to have for lunch... after 10min standing under the hot sun, we decided to go for Thai food - First Thai @Purvis St.
Had lunch there once, quite like it , service was not bad too...

I was so thirsty I ordered - Ice bandung in Greeeeeeen ...

we were hungry for some crispy stuff so we order springrolls and fried squid!!!! yummy
Chicken Green Curry is a must ( needless to say la...) and also stirfried long beans with squid ...
spicy and yummy~~~!!!

lots of Angmoh here too ...

everytime i m in this place, it kinda makes me feel like i am in some part of Thailand :)
and today it was soooooo freakin hot outside, feel even more like we were having lunch somewhere is Thailand~ LOL

Where: Purvis St ;
How much: $50 for 4 dishes with white rice & drinks;
When : Lunch 11-3pm / Dinner 6-930pm;
How's the food : 4star!

All in all , i love this place. They serve simple yet very authentic tasty Thai dishes

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