Saturday, November 22

something M.I.S.S.I.N.G... ??

Well, this is to show u how bad your sign can read when u don bother about the missing letters. Not only its funny, but also ...

  • Misleading
  • Makes u look Stupid
  • simply shows u R lazy or couldnt be bothered!

As I was waiting for a fren i was looking around and saw this !!
It took me a abt a min to figure out the name of this stall in English. As i was standing looking for the other side, hence i was unable to work it wat it means. I got really curious and just walked to the other side to take a closer look. Below is a prove it the shop's stupidity! I cant stop laughing at myself for a while ahahah

Reason for laughing at myself: -
With the missing "S" i read the sign as "THOU AND TA TE" ...
Thinking to myself - was in Italian? Spanish ... or French...? For all u know- its ENGLISH with Missing Letters!!

*what ... the ... eff....!!

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