Sunday, November 23


Its been a long time since i last see this cute vehicle on the road. I remember when i was younger, I look forward to school's Sports Day b'cos of this; I look forward to go to the bank with my dad b'cos of this; i long for parties in the park or any event in Esplanade in Penang Fort Cornwalis - B'COS OF THIS ...

U must be wondering wat's THIS I'm talking abt huh...

well ... here is a snap shot of it!!!

*Milo van - they make the BEST Milo ...
... best served chilled!! oooh la la

Other than this, here is another one that prob almost every one of us had it when we were younger. Some like it; some dont... but either we like it or not, we still had it ! hahhahahah (no choice when u were just a kid and when parents said its good - EAT IT ! )

*Does this look familiar?!? Yes - Bovril~~~

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