Saturday, November 1

Home Sw33t Home

Well i went back for a quick one over the weekend. PoPo wasn't well, so we went to visit her at home. Apart from tat, Mei also took out her new gadget to play with it and here are a few pictures she had taken

Monk3y craves for Starbucks
I bought Cofee, vanilla & Mocha Frappuccino

another random shot
when i was showing her this silly T shirt i got hahaha kinda silly right ??

TemptationSSssSssSsssss ...
Monk3y the Bux freak!! hahaha
i love this picture!

Gotta thank Mei for accompanying us all day Saturday, sacrificing her Saturday for studies, fetching me, went walk walk shopping and all ...

all the best for SACE
~ Gambate~

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