Monday, November 24

i Wonder Y

There are times when u see funny names on vehicles, road signs and it just makes us wonder -" What were they thinking?!"

This one was snapped near a construction site, and Im just amazed wat "BS" here means ...

*commonly means - Bxxlsxxt and its over-used , I must say...

in this case, there are many possibilities -
  • buxxsxxt
  • big shot
  • big saver
  • best service ...?

I was just doing some window shopping, looking for stuff for xmas deco as xmas is just round the corner ( i m so excited ! heheh) ... Candy cane is one of my favourite. I was in this shop in People's Park the other day ( near Chinatown). This shop sells a lot of goods from Taiwan & China and some European confectionaries too ...

As I was looking around, I was tempted to get this pack of Candy Cane - Winnie the Pooh & friends, so adorable innit??!

Well, u cant really see it from this pic i snapped, but really, its adorable and I am sure kids will love it! But another thing caught my attention. Refer to the picture below and u will know what I mean!

I wonder what does that mean ??? I wouldnt wanna feel guilty after giving these to the kids and all become 'dumb-dumb' ... LOL

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