Wednesday, November 26


I took a walk about b4 heading back home and passed by so many bakeries sell really nice cakes n bread

But of all that i passedby, Bengali wan So long Bengawan Solo i mean , the nyonya cakes in there was the most attractive! and so i went into the shop to check things out. Indeed, so many choices to choose from ...

these are nothing, I haven't got the chance to snap the other side of the wall YET!

well after scanning through the cakes on the shelves, I was looking for banana flavored stuff... As I was still busy looking , something else caught my attention and i couldn't help but to L.O.L

I guess no further elaboration needed here, huh !?
I quickly took out my phone again and snap snap SNAP!

it really makes me wonder ...
of all the names why Puki?
Pukis !??!?!


These photos weren't edited, originally from the shop
to prove tat i m not lying ,
u can chk it out at Bengawan Solo

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