Friday, September 19


*妹妹的情书 之 最好的时光

After the morning meeting, while waiting for the report to appear in my inbox, as usual 903 is on and at this hour is 雲妮鍾情 : 妹妹的情书 之 最好的时光

Suddenly they are playing Aaron Kwok's classic- <我为何让你走>
我为何让你走 , 一走了你永远再不回头
然后我像跌入洪沟, 谁也没法拯救
我为何让你走, 因你说你有你的自由
无奈我为你易放而难收, 从此飘于世间像梦游

Its like... Memories ...
If u don keep them,they will sort of slip away, and will never come back

Suddenly thought of old memories during my primary school years!

Me and a bunch of pals are all over Aaron Kwok at that point of time b4 he was named 1of the "4 Heavenly Kings"

I kinda missed those time where we shared music and posters. We would not miss all Jade Solid Gold on every weekend, would not miss any of his album releases, once is out we will inform each other to go get it, if any one of us have not saved enough to buy it, the rest will loan the tapes/ cassettes till we get our own ... we have this habit of keeping our own collection ( hahahaha) I kept mine till ....not long ago....

... Not long ago, when i was back home doing some spring/summer/autumn/winter cleaning or what-so-ever cleaning ppl may call, i found the bag of cassettes and sadly i have to throw them away... cos all spoiled !!!!

That was really one of my "最好的时光 " my best time ever with my friends in primany school
really missed them all!!

Picture credit: 雲妮鍾情 903

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